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Tamantha Johnson, 47, faces a felony online impersonation charge after she allegedly created an ad on Craigslist soliciting sex on behalf of her husband's mistress. Tamantha Johnson, 47, appears in th District Court, facing charges of felony online impersonation Friday, Feb. From the listing: "Now, about the ghosts.

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Many years ago, the house was rented by a group of fraternity brothers. I can't be sure, but I believe that they had such a good time here that they decided to stay.

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In it, the man is looking for a mids lady who wants to go "from the streets to a big comfortable bed" that got a lot of attention. From the ad: "I have a high sex drive and love to cuddle. Well known by Houstonians, the mobile eatery has become a popular piece in the Houston food scene, since it was among the first mobile eateries in town. The owners have since gone on to launch a successful brick-and-mortar cafe as well as microbrewery 8th Wonder.

A Houston nurse on Friday was ordered not to contact her estranged husband or his alleged mistress after being accused of pretending to be the alleged mistress in order to post fake Craigslist requesting sex from married men.

South Carolina Sluts

Tamantha Johnson, 47, is charged with felony online impersonation, accused of creating the Craigslist ad on July 14, court records show. She is also barred from using drugs or alcohol or accessing the internet without court-ordered internet monitoring software. The monitoring software allows court personnel to see what she is doing online. Johnson and her attorney refused to stop for questions from reporters as they left the courtroom.

Local Sluts near South Carolina, USA

The victim allegedly received "about inquiries to her personal cell phone about a Craiglist ad requesting sex from married men that she did not post," the arrest affidavit states. Johnson also allegedly wrote about the affair her husband, who is the victim's divorce attorney, was having on "cheater sites," the court documents stated. Houston police investigators were able to track Johnson down using an IP address registered to Baylor College of Medicine, where she worked for several years, court documents state. She has worked for Baylor as a quality nurse since September She is now on paid administrative leave, pending further review, officials said.

In an earlier incident, Johnson was charged with misdemeanor harassment after sending a series of text messages and photos to a woman with whom she believed her husband was having an affair.

Local Sluts near South Carolina, USA

And you will suffer the consequences of this behavior. Most Popular. Godofredo A. Samantha Weber pictured here was charged with felony online impersonation after pretending to be her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

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She posed as the woman and sought out men to "perform sex acts on them. The house haunted by frat boys. It's said to be haunted by the ghosts of a fraternity that once claimed it as home. While there's no shortage of creepy folks seeking company on Craigslist, it was this oil field worker's ad that got a lot of attention.

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She died, and he " advanced a defense based on a Texas law that allows people to 'use deadly force to recover property during a nighttime theft. KPRC reported on a group of thieves that used identity theft to purchase numerous items under other peoples' names. Among the buys were breast implants and several luxury vehicles, one of which was sold on Craigslist to an unsuspecting buyer. Convert your house into a hotel. Dallas residents filled Craigslist with offers to rent their homes for the National Championship game on Jan.

The " Craigslist Tennis Shoe Robber" gained notoriety for luring unsuspecting people to a place with the promise of well-priced sneakers; instead, he robbed the prospective buyers at gunpoint.

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In latehe was found and shot at a Fort Worth strip center. The decades-old bus is the one Willie rode "when he played dominoes. After losing his job, a man and his fiancee were having such a hard time affording their wedding that they took to Craigslist to sell their own furniture.

Intergalactic school bus sale. Free Wi-Fi with strings attached. The financial analyst is willing to foot the bill for Netflix if a "laid back cutie" wants to tend to his personal needs.

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Not all Craigslist stories are tales of woe and sleazy suitors. An Austin ad led to the start of a mobile sci-fi book vendor started by a couple who inherited a collection of books and nabbed a well-priced vehicle online. Today's Picks.


Carlos Correa, A. Hinch spotted eating together in Houston. Mattress Mack makes another multimillion dollar bet on Super Bowl.

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